Humanitix Restart Appeal

Our big challenge right now is to strengthen our ability to respond to the needs in the lagoon coming out of Covid. To assist, we are launching our 2024 Restart Appeal.

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The Solomon Islands is three hours from Brisbane and a world away in basic health care and education. With your help we can bridge the gap of one of our closest neighbours.
Our Partner

Our partner delivering programs in the Marovo Lagoon in the Solomon Islands is Solutions pa Marovo. Solutions pa Marovo have been delivering programs for the last 8 years, including two medical tours per year (partnering with Marovo Medical USA) with over 1,200 patients per visit, building significant infrastructure including an operating theatre at Seghe Hospital and Education Sponsorship programs from secondary through to Tertiary.

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Our Sponsors

We are lucky to have the support of so many wonderful companies. If you are able to support us with either funds or products, please contact

To date our sponsors have provided medical equipment of significant value, consumables such as gloves and medications, reading glasses, general funding for boat and generator fuel (a huge expense for locals), marketing support, donating their time and paying their own way on medical tours and teaching clinics. And we have plans to do more!

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